Why it’s important to understand the foundation for achieving mind body wellness.

The time has come. You recently discovered you need to shift gears and start paying more attention to your health. Maybe your blood work came back with numbers higher than your doctor likes. Perhaps you’re not managing your stress as well as you should. You put on some weight and need a little boost in the right direction. Or, maybe you just need…something else. Whatever the case may be, when you apply these 3 pillars to your wellness needs, you’ll build a strong foundation. One that gets you on the path to transformation and living a healthy lifestyle.

25 years of trial and error have taught me that there’s a few moving parts to choosing a healthy lifestyle. It’s not hard, but at the same time, it’s not as easy as taking a pill or following a program for a week. This is about shifting some things and prioritizing YOU.

You might be thinking it’s all about diet and exercise, and while that’s an integral part of healthy living, there’s so much more to it. Believe it or not, diet and exercise only comprise one small part of being healthy. To be more specific, the 3 pillars for healthy living are




Understanding how these 3 pillars work together will give you the foundation for your personal approach to being a little bit healthier each day. Anything related to health and wellness falls into one of these 3 categories. Each pillar is necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and they all work together. You can’t have one, without the other.


The first pillar in building a healthy lifestyle is your habits. Your habits are everything you do on a regular basis. How you eat, the way you exercise, stress management, what your relationships are like are all based on your habits. Take a moment to think about everything you’ve always done and what’s gotten you to the point where you are sitting right now. You’ve trained yourself, through your daily habits, into what’s “worked” for you. Now, as a result, here you are. Don’t take this lightly. Your habits are the foundation to your health lifestyle and it’s the toughest part to master. Your habits can make or break a situation.

Now it’s time to form new habits and re-engage your life from a completely different mindset. Approach your life in a way that gets you where you need to be. Let go of more of the same. This is why habits are so transitional and transformational.


Some of my favorite weight loss commercials on tv are the ones that promise to “lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days” or “this miracle will ‘literally’ melt the fat, while you sleep” or “don’t change a thing about your diet and take this pill and you’ll become thinner in 2 weeks”.


It’s all cold blooded lies to get you to open your wallet. Be realistic with yourself here, do you honestly think you can continue your current eating habits, pop a pill and suddenly be thinner? If that were true, every pharmaceutical company, personal trainer and medical professional on the planet would be promoting it. It just doesn’t work like that. Anyone touting anything different is bamboozling you into paying for their product.

Get yourself familiar with this saying: There’s no quick fix. Say it out loud to yourself right now: there’s no quick fix! Sure, you might discover some miracle weight loss cure that will get you to lose 10 pounds straight away, but once you go back to your old ways (habits) you’ll gain that right back, plus some. These diet companies count on that. They need your yo-yo lifestyle to survive.

Slow and steady wins the race

I can tell you is it’s going to take some TIME to form new habits. Time is required to get your body to drop the weight and keep it off. Time is what will teach you how not to react to certain situations outside of your control. And time will give you the opportunity to learn how to put your needs first, without feeling like you’re selfish (you’re not). Why not start being realistic about where you are now, so you can learn what actually works for you in the long term? A lifestyle reset is not an overnight fix, but if you start today, 6 months from now you will be a completely different person. A year from now you may not even recognize yourself!


The cool thing about moving your body is you benefit both physically and mentally. Physically, your body becomes stronger, fitter and thinner. Mentally, movement stimulates the feel good hormones called endorphins. You may have heard of a runner’s high. This is just your brain chemicals giving you a boost of happiness. Personally, I’ve done every fitness gimmick under the sun in the hopes of slimming down my waistline. It took me most of 2019 (time) to get into a routine of doing some kind of regular exercise (habit).

Find what works for you.

The options for movement are endless and there’s no one right way to exercise. Try anything, try everything, until you find a way to move your body that fits your lifestyle. There’s countless ways to get some good exercise without joining a gym or investing in a bunch of products that deep down inside, you know you’ll never use. Before you realize it, over time, your new habit of movement will re-shape your life, making your body look different than it ever has.

Using exercise to manage stress gives you a healthy tool in your mental health tool box. Instead of allowing stressful situations to take charge of how you react, you’ll be using a more productive method, one that works better for you in the long run. It’s a win-win. The next thing you know, you’re well on your way to living a healthier, and happier life.

Put the foundations in place

Now you have a fresh perspective on how to get started living a healthier lifestyle. Remember to take things slowly, day by day. Set small, attainable and realistic goals for yourself so you find success. In the end, the work must come from you! The reality is, there’s bound to be some setback. That’s ok- it’s a big part of transformation. You’ll gain some valuable insight as you continue to build your wellness wall- stronger and more stable.