Welcome to Part II of your new, healthy lifestyle!

Exercise needn’t be scary, but if your motivation is still on the fence, then use movement based activity instead. I’m not going to bore you with all the facts about “exercise does this and that and blah blah blah”. We’re all at the point where we KNOW the benefits of exercise and staying active. Let’s look at it from a behavioral perspective. For instance:

How can you make a small, but significant change to move, just a little (or a lot) more, and actually enjoy doing it?  

Time to consult your list…

Take a look at that list you just made. Look at the answers to the questions where you indicated how you feel, and what kind of things you like to do.

Now, let me explain. The reason I asked you to write down your answers is that it gives you tangible evidence to what you’re thinking about your current state of health. Your list becomes a solid object that expresses what you feel.

Let that be your Point A

Your list is your new self empowerment tool! By writing down what YOU like, YOU increase YOUR chances of actually enjoying the YOUR experience (PATTERN!) 

For instance, I love to run.  I suck at it and can’t go far, but it’s something I honestly enjoy.  Some days, I end up walking more than I run but at least I went out and did something. This is my own personal justification.  This puts the ball in my court and gives me ownership of my actions. 

Here’s another bit of good news for you: Joining a gym is completely optional! I canceled my gym membership years ago because, at that time, it had been more than 6 months since I actually went (see, we’re not that different). I couldn’t justify blowing $35/month on something I obviously wasn’t using. My gym offered classes that I didn’t hate, I just wasn’t going.

Since then, I found a hot yoga studio that I LOVE going to and had a membership there. Unfortunately, my husband’s work relocated us and I had to find something new. But I did find something new- and that’s why size really doesn’t matter (said no woman ever) when it comes to movement. 

Find what works for you

More importantly, find what you enjoy doing! A word of advice- I encourage you to start small.  We tend to set ourselves up for inevitable failure because we do too much too soon. 

If your list included walking then start with a walk to the end of the block. Do this for a few days then slowly increase to 2 blocks. Increase it as you get stronger. And you will get stronger! If you have concerns with “what the neighbors might think” (which is common and perfectly acceptable) then look at yourself as an inspiration for change. The 2019 movie Brittany Runs A Marathon is a great example of starting slow, and accomplishing your goals! 

Changing your behavior means changing your way of thinking. 

And it takes time. And practice. No one started their healthy lifestyle by being the healthiest. They grew into it. And so will you. 

If you’re feeling stuck and need some inspiration, then click the link to get my list of Brilliant Exercise Tips.

“Sweat is just fat crying” – Unknown