This journey keeps unfolding in ways I never thought possible…

I mean, did any of our lives turn out the way we thought it would? So far, perhaps the biggest, most important thing I’ve learned is that

It Never Looks The Way You Thought It Would.

And for that reason, I’m thrilled that you found me, and made it here! Because if you’ve discovered Mind Body Wellness, then I know you’re ready to face the challenges that will come with learning how to be the healthiest you that you can be!

I’m Leslie and I founded Mind Body Wellness to teach people the importance of being proactive in their own health care. I understand  that if the journey into “perfect health” is hard on some days, then other days it will make you completely miserable. You ask yourself “why am I doing this to myself?”, and “what’s really the point?” I know how easy it to stay in our comfort zone and just let the days pass by.

Until we can’t.

One day, we wake up, and the person we see in the mirror has become unrecognizable. Sure, we’re still there at heart but somewhere along the way, life got in the way and things like our job, our kids and our families took the #1 spot, as we put our own needs in the back seat. Even bigger, we don’t even know what our needs are because we never took the time to learn about ourselves. Believe me when I say, I totally get it!

**my own colorful story began back in my late teens/ early 20’s. I disguised it with a knowledge of body work and immersed myself in a massage therapy practice that spanned over 20 years, working at many beautiful spas and opening private practices in 5 different states across the country.  I loved it, but the bigger, deeper call to “be more” never left me.

You know that feeling; that nagging internal feeling that won’t let go?

Changing gears, going into military mental health, helped quell the desire to do more, but even then, I knew. I just wasn’t the healthiest me I could be.

From a professional standpoint, I had risen from the ashes into great success. I had comeback from a painful divorce and heartbreak, significant weight gain, and a several years long perpetual dark night of the soul. Going back to school helped me remember that I am smart, that learning comes easy to me, and that I really enjoy speaking and teaching other people.

From a wellness standpoint though, I wasn’t so successful. My physical health was waining- I was drinking way more than was good for me, way too often. While I was engaging in some steady exercise and keeping active, I was inconsistent with a routine. Exercise was more like a chore that became daunting, and the only reason to do it was to lose weight.

In fact, I was obsessed with how to lose the 30 lbs I had packed on in my late 20’s. I was obsessed to the point of starving myself with a mere 500 calorie a day HCG regimen. I tried everything to beat the system and trick my body into dropping the weight- You name it, I’ve done it. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, Keto, The Zone, hot yoga, hot pilates, running, spinning, weight training, and finally Noom (more on that later). I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve “started over”, only to find myself “failing” at yet another program, just a few weeks into it.

Let me just say here- it don’t work like that, kiddo.

**It’s taken time and patience with myself (also a skilled that is learned) and almost 46 years into it, I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. My vision for Mind Body Wellness is to take my passion for helping others and use it as a guide for you as you navigate the transformative and healing programs that will get you to the point in your health, of where I’m at- living my truth and loving the health that I have today.

It’s a never ending process, but with over 2 decades of formal training and professional experience in the health and wellness industry, I’d like to think I can lead you down the path to better yourself. It’s not going to be easy, but who every said it couldn’t be fun?

So when you have one of those moments where you’re ready to throw in the towel and want to run and hide from yourself, I’ll be here. When you can’t take another day of the “more of the same”, I’ll be here. And if you doubt yourself please remember:

I believe in you,