How many times have you tried to lose weight? Were you successful? And what exactly defines successful weight loss for you?

One of the biggest lessons I learned throughout my Noom journey has zero to do with actual weight loss.

It really should be called “2019 and My Friend, Noom”.

That’s when I jumped in and started what would be my final “weight loss program”. Just like at the start of every new program, I was full of hope that THIS would be the program that worked for me. I finally found what was going to get my weight loss race over the finish line. I was finally going to get my 20’s body back.

Then, reality hit.

First of all, I’m well into my 40’s, so there’s zero chance I’d get my “20’s body” back. And if you stop and think about it, why would anyone want to take themselves back 20 years??? That’s total madness!

The first big Noom Lesson my coach taught me.

The cool thing about Noom’s Healthy Lifestyle Program is that you receive daily prompts and exercises. I don’t mean physical exercises, but “assignments and readings” inside the app. You also get 2 coaches! One is your personal coach and is there for you to communicate as often as you need. They’re your one-on-one go to human. Once you join you become part of a group of other Noomers who joined around the same time as you.  Your group coach brings fun and inspirational daily tips and ideas. All of this is shared on a group feed.

Think of it as Healthy Facebook!

You can also post your own thoughts in the group feed. Here is where we share our triumphs and tribulations. We ask questions to other group members, and even share recipes or photos of yummy meals. The group feed is a great way to be a part of a support system! Sometimes you are the one who needs cheering on, and sometimes, you’re the one doing the cheering.

The journey is all about shifting your habits.

The first big shift happened when my personal coach helped me realize that the number on the scale was really not the most important aspect of weight loss. It wasn’t the driving force for me! No matter what I weighted, what was most important for me was how I looked and felt in my clothes. I had been obsessed with “losing this much” weight, that I never stopped to think about THE WHY. Ugh, talk about daunting. This reality felt like newfound freedom and really changed how I saw myself. My old way of thinking was sort of like putting the cart before the horse.

I finally came to the conclusion that yeah, weight loss is great, but I what I wanted more than being “X” pounds, was to feel confident and comfortable in my clothes.

Learn to focus on the non-scale victories.

Those Noom Ninjas really know how to Jedi mind trick you too- but in the best possible way! I’ve been living the #noomlife since July 2019 and my whole approach to food and eating has completely evolved. Have there been difficult moments?


I won’t lie to you- you have to be willing to do the work. A valuable lesson in self awareness can be fun and eye opening.  Whether you lose 15 or 50, if you come out on the other side of it with healthier habits and a better understanding of how to love and accept yourself more, then the only number you are- in my book- is a 10!