So what is The Health Triangle and how can following it change your life? Great question!

When I was young in my journey to health and wellness, I used to think it was all about diet and exercise. I was wrong- dead wrong (don’t tell my husband I said that)! Diet and exercise are an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle, but they’re not the only thing. In fact, it’s only one part of the triangle. So let’s break this thing down.

The Health Triangle

The 3 sides consist of




Understanding the 3 sides of the triangle will change the way you approach your health forever. Everything that has to do with health and wellness falls into one of these 3 categories. I used to think of my approach to health as something more circular, but my real life experiences have taught me something different. Each side of the triangle is necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If there’s the tiniest weakness on any side of the triangle, then your perfect health can squeeze through an opening and leave you wondering what went wrong.

Let me explain:


The foundation of building a healthy lifestyle begins with your habits. Your habits are everything you do on a regular basis. Think about everything you’ve always done and what’s gotten you to the point where you are sitting right now. You’ve trained yourself, through your daily habits, into what’s “worked” for you. Now, as a result, here you are. Don’t take this part of the triangle lightly. Your habits are the FOUNDATION to your health and it’s the toughest part to master. It’s time to form new habits and re-engage your life from a completely different mindset. Approach your life to get yourself where you need to be. This is why HABITS are the base of the triangle.


Some of my favorite commercials on tv are the ones that promise to “lose up to 16 pounds in 30 days” or “this miracle will ‘literally’ melt the fat, while you sleep” or “don’t change a thing about your diet and take this pill and you’ll become thinner in 2 weeks”.


It’s all cold blooded lies to get you to open your wallet. I’m sorry, but do you honestly think you can continue to stuff your maw full of pizza and french fries then lose 15 pounds? No, you can not. It just doesn’t work like that. So here’s your cold dose of reality.

Get yourself familiar with this saying: There’s no quick fix. Say it out loud to yourself right now: there’s no quick fix! Sure, you might discover some miracle weight loss cure that will get you to lose 10 straight away, but once you go back to your old ways (habits) you’ll gain that right back, plus some. These diet companies count on that. They need your yo yo lifestyle to survive.

I can tell you is it’s going to take some TIME to form new habits. Time is required to get your body to drop the weight and keep it off. Why not start immediately by being realistic about what actually works for you in the long term? A change in lifestyle is not easy, but if you start today, 6 months from now you will be a completely different person. A year from now you may not even recognize yourself! So buckle up, my little Buckaroos, there ain’t no magic fast and furious trick to long term health and weight loss.


When I find something I like I tend to go gangbusters on it. This is why I’ve done every fitness gimmick under the sun in the hopes of slimming down my waistline. Sooner or later, I push myself too hard and get hurt, or the results didn’t meet my unrealistic expectations and I end up quitting. The madness continues by searching out the next bright, shiny exercise trend.

At the start of 2019, I was in North Carolina, taking classes at one of my favorite hot yoga and pilates studios in the country- Rebel Yoga and Pilates. I loved that place because of the people who go there. Within the first week I got so much inspiration from the owner, Billy, and some others members that I completely changed my outlook on the fitness portion of my health.

The options for movement are endless!

I made the decision that no matter what, everyday I had to get out and do something. I needed to move my body in some way, that increased my heart rate more that just sitting. Some days it was hot yoga or pilates, some days it was a walk on the beach, around the block, to the grocery store. I went for little bike rides and sometimes took the stairs- which was ambitious, since we were living on the 11th floor of a condo building.

The point is, over time, my new habit of movement looked different than it ever had. Every day I felt stronger, my heart rate was able to keep up with my form of movement, and I wasn’t killing myself. Don’t get me wrong, I still had days here and there where I’d push myself- and it felt great- but the most important thing was that I was getting out and moving my body. Sometimes I’d even put on some music and dance around the condo. These days, my weekly house cleaning routine consists of good boogie down tunes and lots of sweat!

Find what works for you.

Would that approach work for everyone else? No. But what’s important is that you find a way to move your body that fits your lifestyle. There’s countless ways to get some good exercise without joining a gym or investing in a bunch of products that deep down inside, you know you’ll never use. But if that’s what you prefer, then do it! Just get out and move!

To recap: The Health Triangle consists of 3 sides: habits, time and movement. Anything that has to do with health and wellness is governed by the 3. Of course, this is strictly my own opinion and while it’s not based on science, it is based on over 25 years of life experience. In the end, following these 3 guidelines has worked and I can say I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been! Here’s a link so you can print out a copy of the Triangle and use it as your own guide into your own version of perfect health! Enjoy!