They say you can’t outrun a bad diet. Whoever “they” are, they are right.

Except, I hate the word DIET

There’s something about that word that screams DEPRIVATION! The mere thought of the word causes my raging sweet tooth to run away, begging for mercy.

When I joined Noom in July 2019, I was really excited to see that everything is on the menu (pun intended). But with Noom, I was ready to make a lasting change with my diet.

But did I, really? No!

In fact, Noom’s realistic approach to eating helped me learn a ton about food that I didn’t know before. But it also gave me license to justify all the bad habits that weren’t going down without a fight. I took a year and a half to lose 15 pounds, gain 8; lose 6, gain 4.

But in January, I decided to try the Noom Food plan option. It made all the difference in the world!

The truth is, I was working out like mad 5-6 days a week. I was weight training with Beach Body on Demand. I was taking hot yoga and hot pilates classes and I was making time to attempt running- mostly walking though.

Still, the weight wouldn’t budge

I would read stories of my fellow Noomers, who started at the same time as me, and who weighed the same as me, lose up to 50 pounds! My bff joined and lost 18 ponds in 2 months. But here I was, still stuck and still not seeing the physical results I was hoping for.

The non scale victories were rewarding though!

Throughout the journey you redevelop your idea of food, portions and desires. I was able to determine my “why” for wanting to lose weight and it didn’t really have much to do with the number on the scale. Still, deep down inside I knew I wasn’t giving it 100%. I would have my nightly sweet treats. While I was logging them, I wasn’t measuring them and let’s face it, a half cup of ice cream increases by every little spoonful you take between taking the carton out, and putting it back, into the freezer.

The meal plan changed everything

The stubborn part of me finally realized I needed some help. The meal plan gives you an example of what a week of health eating looks like. More so, it gives you examples of how you can create meals you enjoy eating, based on a nutrition profile. The profile is a guideline of what a serving of protein, carbs, fat, etc look like, broken down for each meal. The best part is, each day you get a “freebie”! So I can still enjoy my sweet treats, just more strictly measured.

There is no need to suffer!

So many diets out there focus on elimination and deprivation- believe me, I’ve tried them all. And failed miserably. With Noom, what you focus on instead is changing your habits. You learn how to change your habits using portion control, hunger cues, and food preparation. It’s not an overnight miracle process, but it does work. In fact, it’s easy, really, once you get into the swing of it. A food scale, measuring cups and spoons, and food containers will become your tools for success. Noom teaches you that you don’t have to give up your favorite foods, you just have to choose them wisely.

It’s a journey of self awareness

The fad diets of today might give you lots of hope on the front end- promises of rapid, significant weight loss. And they may work, in the short term. However, what they lack on the back end can be disastrous for your health. You either have to continue to buy their food, pills, and give up your favorites, or gain all the weight back. That leaves you stuck in the endless cycle of the yo yo, searching out the newest, next best thing. What’s the point in torturing yourself?  Noom gets you to look inside yourself, while teaching you how to manage real food. It’s a lasting transformation that will lead you to becoming the healthiest version of you, you can be.